Amar Maharjan

Amar Maharjan

7th Batch



Amar Maharjan was born on 1993 March 30th in Kathmandu Nepal with Father Bijaya Kumar Maharjan and Mother Pancha Maya Maharjan. His great source of inspiration is his grandparents. He completed his schoolwork at Gajurmukhi secondary boarding school, did a computer diploma in Thapathali engineering college, and later attained bachelors in film studies from Oscar International College of Film Studies, Kathmandu Nepal where he completed his scriptwriting and direction in film making.
He continued his career in filmmaking as a director and slowly he pursues cinematography as a passion. Till days he works as a writer, director, and editor of his own film and cinematographer for others. He is on the filmmaking journey since 2015 and he is still happy these days :). He is now involved in a youtube channel called “Zyamaru” as a content maker.
He works as a mentor in cinematography at Oscar international film college.

He has done lots of short films and the documentary as a cinematographer and had completed lots of foreign project as a DIT, Camera assist, and as a Cinematographer. Such as Tata trust earthquake: Cinematographer (Documentary film), Camera assist, and DIT. A Year (short film), Camera assist.Black goat(short film). He had been Photographer and videographer in friendly hunting for the German magazine.

Project Highlights

  • Heaven is black (2015) – Cinematographer (short film) Link
  • Vismrit: Cinematographer(feature-length film)
  • Dhyangro (2019): Cinematographer (short film) Link
  • Going to school: Cinematographer (Documentary)
  • A Brief Introduction to Himalayan Yew(Documentary) Link
  • A Brief Introduction to Love Apple Link
  • A Brief Introduction to Chiretta Link
  • Foodmandu: Cinematographer (theater/ TV commercial)
  • The last letter: Cinematographer (short film)
  •  Chakrawarti hobi law college: Cinematographer (theater/ TV commercial) Link
  • Sanima bank: Cinematographer (Commercial) Link
  • About a woman (2020) (short film\ fiction) (post-production)
  • Jaatko Prashna Season 2 (2021) (tv programme, documentary )

Achievements and Awards

  • Heaven is black (2015) – Cinematographer (short film)
    • Audience Choice Award in 2017: Toronto Nepali Film Festival (tnff)
    • Special Mention Award in 2015: Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival(KIMFF)
    • Official selection: Festival de cortometrajes “jose francisco Rosado” PACAS 2016
    • Official selection: GEOFILMFESTIVAL and EXPOCINEMA 2017
    • Official selection: Tasveer South Asian Film Festival 2017
  • Vismrit: Cinematographer(feature-length film)
    • Winner DIY Film Festival (2018)
    • Winner “Euro Kino” Czech International Independent film festival (2018)
    • Winner Rejected Reels film festival (2018)
    • Official selection on Cinekasimanwa western Visayas film festival, Derby film festival 2018, south film and arts academy festival, motion for pictures, color tape international film festival, Concrete dream film festival