Parasar Wagley

Parasar Wagley

7th Batch



Like most people in Kathmandu during the early 90s, he would eagerly wait for Saturdays to watch the 2 pm film on NTV on his black and white television. Later when there were more TV channels and color televisions were ubiquitous, he would watch any film from Chinese kung-fu to Bollywood romantic dramas when he had a chance. His addiction to the screen continued as he grew older.
He started formal education in cinema at the age of 24 after pursuing a career in accounting for 5 years. He completed his bachelor’s in film studies in 2015 from Oscar International College and his Masters’s in Psychology from Tri- Chandra Multiple campus in 2018. He has been working as a mentor in psychology and cinema at the Oscar International College since 2018.
He has worked in a few short films, documentaries, and commercials. He attended the Doha Film Institute workshop on the History of cinema in December 2019. He continues to pursue his interest in cinema writing screenplays, attending workshops, taking online courses as well as doing freelance work whenever available.

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