BFS Course Cycle

Course Details

* All of the subjects listed below carry 100 marks unless specified otherwise.

First Year Second Year Third Year
Paper Code No. Subject Paper Code No. Subject Paper Code No. Subject
I FS 311 Comp. English VI FS 316 Comp. Culture XI FS 321 Specialization II
II FS 312 Comp. Nepali VII FS 317 Comp. Sociology and Anthropology XII FS 322 Specialization III
III FS 313 Comp. History VIII FS 318 Comp. Psychology XIII FS 323 Specialization IV
IV FS 314 Comp. History Film IX FS 319 Comp. Term Paper XIV FS 324 Specialization V
V Fs 315 Comp. Basic Film Theory X FS 320 Specialization I XV FS 325 Specialization VI (Project Work)

Specialization – Students can choose any one of the following subjects

Subject Details
1) Acting i. 320. Act. Introduction to Performing Act
ii. 321. Act. Body and Movement
iii. 322. Act. Speech and Voice
iv 323. Act. Building and Character
v. 324. Act. Acting on Stage and Camera & Techniques and Method of Performance
vi. 325. Act. Project Work
2) Direction and Screen Writing i. 320. Dir. Conceptualizations of Film as an Art
ii. 321. Dir. Story Analysis
iii. 322. Dir. Techniques of Screen Writing
iv. 323. Dir. Art of Adaptation
v. 324. Dir. Directing Shot by Shot and Directing Actors
vi. 325. Dir. Project Work
3) Motion Picture Photography i. 320. MPP. Introduction to Cinematography
ii. 321. MPP. Motion Picture Camera and Lenses
iii. 322. MPP. Visual Composition and its Different Approaches
iv. 323. MPP. Principles of Lighting
v. 324. MPP. Laboratory Process of Production, Post Production and Modern Development in Cinematography
vi. 325. MPP. Project Work
4) Audiography i. 320. Aud. Introduction to Audiography
ii. 321. Aud. Fundamentals of Electronics (I)
iii. 322. Aud. Fundamentals of Electronics (II)
iv. 323. Aud. Acoustics
v. 324. Aud. Audio – Recording, Mixing and Technology of Audiography
vi. 325. Aud. Project Work
5) Editing i. 320. Ed. Introduction to Film Editing
ii. 321. Ed. Principles of Sound Editing
iii. 322. Ed. Principles of Picture Editing
iv. 323. Ed. Practice of Editing
v. 324. Ed. Laboratory Procedure, Television Technology and Digital Editing System.
vi. 325. Ed. Project Work