Prabesh Poudel

Prabesh Poudel

6th Batch


Director | Writer

Prabesh Poudel is a young and energetic filmmaker in the Nepali film industry, a Film graduate from Tribhuvan University Kathmandu has done many film-related projects since 2012, Mr. Poudel is specializing in writing and directing and he has already proven his dedication to Feature film like movies in Lappan Chhapan as a writer and America Boys Comedy movie as a director. Mr. Poudel has done so many projects in Nepal and will continue to aspire.

Project Highlights

  • Director/Writer/ Producer
  • Samaya(Writer/Director, Short, 2012)
  • Homeless(Director, Short, 2013)
  • Kabi(Writer/Director/Producer, Short, 2013)
  • Kafan(Writer/Director, Short, 2014)
  • Calf Love(Director, Short,2014)
  • Shanti(Writer/Director, Short, 2015)
  • Singha Durbar( Writer/Director, Short,2016)
  • Lappan Chappan( Writer,Feature,2017)
  • America Boys(Director, Feature,2018)
  • A Child Teacher( Associate Producer, Short,2019)
  • Andhakar Bhitra Ko Ujayalo( Producer, Feature,2020)
  • Bilin Gantabya( Writer/Director/Producer, Feature,2021)
  • Atman (Director, Feature,2021)
  • Zuri( Director/Producer, Feature,2022)
  • Bihe Pass( Director/Producer,Feature,2022)

Achievements and Awards