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Every year we enroll 88 students filtering from 500+ applications.


Award Winning Projects

The academic projects that the students develop at OIC gets selected in renowned national and international Film Festivals



Alumni of our college are working in different specialization in the field of Cinema and their project has won in many National and International festivals.

Ram Raja Dahal

Ram Raja Dahal


Welcome to all those who believe in their dreams

With great honor and enthusiasm, I would like to welcome all the believers who believe in their dream of pursuing their career in filmmaking at Oscar international college. The main goal of this institution is to focus on spreading characteristics that constitute a good film and a good filmmaker, rather than merely teaching how to make films. Our goal is to teach these young filmmakers how to use their information with creativity and confidence in order to incorporate it into their films. We think that the new generation, with its profound understanding of film art and technology, will be able to offer Nepali cinema a vibrant direction.

Our institution places a strong focus on the information and skills that students will acquire throughout the course of their four-year education. We’re looking for ways to express our entire creativity in today's most popular creative form, cinema, by understanding its structures, potential, and form. We are more dedicated to instilling discipline, creativity, and technical proficiency in our students. It's our responsibility to provide the right track for the sake of your bright future.

Oscar International College Oscar International College
Manoj Babu Panta

Manoj Babu Panta

Academic Director

A Serious Academic Discipline

We have come a long way over the last one and half decade to establish the foundation of cinema schooling, from the point where the society has defined cinema only as a medium of surface entertainment and has questioned the possibility of cinema as a serious academic discipline. We are witnessing the glimpse of changing cinema fraternity and the practice of cinema schooling played a significant role in this change, however we feel this is not enough and there are many more things to do.
The consciousness of our society is more inclined towards materialistic achievement where the value of human experiences and sentiments are being overlooked, whereas we are more focused to find the confluence of art, culture and spirituality from the codes of cinema.
Our goal is not only to teach the craft of filmmaking but also we are on the journey to find our own style and form of narrative and we are heading towards a four year journey for this devotion. We believe, the new generation who has accepted cinema as a serious contemplation will be able to shape our native cinema language. We are content to witness and lead this paradigm shift.