The acting course aims at providing the student with a thorough training on professional acting. During the course of 4 years of study, the students will learn and develop the necessary skills in acting, voice, movement, singing, research and personal/ professional development. This will help sustain the student as a professional in a wide variety of media including theatre, television, film and radio in the future.

Second Year

Third Year

BFS 426 – A Actors’ Preparation BFS 430 – A Building a Character
BFS 427 – A Acting On Film And Theatre BFS 431 – A Different Approaches of Acting Techniques
BFS 428 – A Experimentation and Performance I BFS 432 – A Experimentation and Performance II

Fourth Year

BFS 434 – A Practice of Film Acting + Internship
BFS 435 – A Final Project Workshop + Dossier Writing
BFS 436 – A Final Film (Dissertation Film)