The course focuses on gaining a comprehensive grab of the technical and creative demands of filmmaking. It emphasizes the use of image as a tool of storytelling. Students will explore the use of cameras accessories and lighting equipment through class and lab sessions. The students will then focus on a broad spectrum of techniques, including camera and lighting techniques to convey meaning and further their narrative.

Second Year

Third Year

BFS 426 – C Technical Foundation of Cinematography BFS 430 – C Advanced Cinematography Techniques
BFS 427 – C History & Aesthetics of Cinematography BFS 431 – C Design of the Visual Language
BFS 428 – C Film Making Fundamentals II BFS 432 – C Film Making Fundamentals III

Fourth Year

BFS 434 – C Possibilities of Digital Cinematography + Internship
BFS 435 – C Final Project Workshop + Dossier Writing
BFS 436 – C Final Film (Dissertation Film)