The course on film editing is aimed at providing the students with the technical as well as the aesthetic aspect of film editing. During the 4 years, students will learn to use various techniques and different software that are used in film editing through class and lab sessions. Students will then explore the aesthetics of editing in storytelling and conveying meaning through cuts.

Second Year

Third Year

BFS 426 – E Fundamentals of Film Editing BFS 430 – E Practice of Editing
BFS 427 – E Techniques of Film Editing BFS 431 – E Color Grading and Mastering
BFS 428 – E Film Making Fundamentals II BFS 432 – E Film Making Fundamentals III

Fourth Year

BFS 434 – E Art of Film Editing + Internship
BFS 435 – E Final Project Workshop + Dossier Writing
BFS 436 – E Final Film (Dissertation Film)