Screenplay Writing & Direction

Screenplay Writing & Direction

The course is aimed at informing the students on the topics that include how to effectively tell a story through the codes of cinema. A director must be able to translate intellectual content into an aesthetic experience. With an emphasis on originality, students will explore the variety of screen writing and directing styles, tones and techniques. In addition to the practical aspects of screenplay writing and filmmaking, extensive study of film history and theory will examine a wide range of texts and films will impart deep insights of cinema sense.

Second Year

Third Year

BFS 426 – D Introduction to Film Direction BFS 430 – D Art & Craft of Film Direction
BFS 427 – D Basics of Screenplay Writing BFS 431 – D Techniques of Screenplay Writing
BFS 428 – D Film Making Fundamentals II BFS 432 – D Film Making Fundamentals III

Fourth Year

BFS 434 – D Advanced Screenwriting and Direction + Internship
BFS 435 – D Final Project Workshop + Dossier Writing
BFS 436 – D Final Film (Dissertation Film)