Sound Recording & Design

Sound Recording & Design

This course aims at providing students with the required knowledge on the technical and creative use of sound in film making. Students will be exposed to the various devices that are used in sound recording and software for sound design through practical and theory classes. Included will be the aesthetics of sound design in cinema and the use of sound in storytelling in conveying meaning and furthering the narrative.

Second Year

Third Year

BFS 426 – B Fundamentals of Sound and Electromagnetism BFS 430 – B Basics of Sound Production, Design and Workflow
BFS 427 – B Acoustic Technology for Sound and Music Production BFS 431 – B Audio Post Production, Mixing and Mastering
BFS 428 – B Film Making Fundamentals II BFS 432 – B Film Making Fundamentals III

Fourth Year

BFS 434 – B Sense of Cinema Sound + Internship
BFS 435 – B Final Project Workshop + Dossier Writing
BFS 436 – B Final Film (Dissertation Film)