Nimesh Shrestha

Nimesh Shrestha


He is a filmmaker based in Kathmandu, who believes visual storytelling can be a powerful tool to change the perspective of many people. From the early age of 16, after being introduced to mobile phones he started making short comedy videos. This did not satisfy him and to pursue his filmmaking passion he joined Oscar International College(College of Film Studies). The journey of filmmaking during college days went very well. He received third prize for the very first short film he made, named ‘Choice’ in ‘We are all Connected’ short film competition organized by WWF. He even produced other films among which ‘Heaven is Black’ won hearts and even received awards like Audience choice award in ‘Toronto Nepali Film Festival’ and special jury mention in the ‘Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival(KIMFF)’. After graduating from film school he started working as a freelancer but the hunger for creating new ideas and bringing some new stuff to the media industry was still there so, leaving all behind he co-founded Fun Revolution TV along with Anish Jung Thapa, YouTube-based channel. He always believed that YouTube would contribute a lot to Nepali filmmakers, for testing their knowledge and skills before entering the big industry. Fun Revolution TV has been producing short films since 2017. He mostly directs and features as an artist in those short films. He along with his Fun Rev TV team are looking forward to create impactful Web Series and Cinema in the near future.

Achievements and Awards

  • Choice
    • Third prize, ‘We are all Connected’ short film competition, WWF
  • Heaven is Black
    • Audience choice award, ‘Toronto Nepali Film Festival’
    • Special jury mention, ‘Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival(KIMFF)’

"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes."

- Robert Altman