Featured Film | 2012


In Kathmandu, Nepal, Haku Kale lives in poverty and has an idea to get himself out of it. Inspired by a recent successful bank robbery, he plans to rob a bank within five months. He searches for accomplices who are in need of money and recruits gambler Naresh, drug dealer Khatri, and unemployed Golfe and Pandey.

The group plan their bank robbery and decide what tasks each person will perform. The gang will go to the bank on three motorcycles; after arriving, Khatri will change the number plates. Haku will already be inside the bank; he will reconnoitre the bank then indicate to the others when it is safe to proceed. Golfe will deal with guards of the bank, Khatri and Pandey will get customers and employees inside a room, Naresh will force the bank manager to open the bank vault, then Khatri and Pandey will steal the money. The gang will then flee the bank.

On the day of the robbery, the gang meet for the last time and tell each other that they will no longer know each other, whether or not the raid is successful. They rob the bank but the police arrive before they can escape. The police capture four members of the gang excluding Haku Kale, who runs away to another gang with whom he was also planning to rob the bank. Haku decides to flee with the money and the film ends with flashbacks as Haku remembers his plan.

  • Writer/Director: Nischal Basnet
  • Asst. Director: Nigam Shrestha


Achievements and Awards

  • Winner – (Best Debut Director) National Film Awards, Nepal 2012
  • Winner – (Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male)) National Film Awards, Nepal 2012
  • Winner – (Best Cinematographer) National Film Awards, Nepal 2012

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